Sunday, 7 September 2014

An Anatomicals Round Up

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the amazing person behind the naming of Anatomical products? They are some serious creative genius. Along with the ones shown above some of my favourites name-wise are 'no old bags allowed eye gel', 'be good with your hands in bed night time hand cream' and 'silly twits ignore their mitts hand soap', honestly worth prime positioning on my bathroom shelf for the names alone.

A self-named 'British, bold and ballsy' brand, Anatomicals have got quite the collection of body bits and pieces. From eye creams to moisturisers to hand wash, they aim to make your daily hygiene routine a little more fun. A bottle of body wash that can make me giggle is most definitely fun.

The products shown above were my first little foray with the brand and I'm sure they'll be more to come. Reasonably well priced (hand wash $7.99, body cleanser $8.99 and body scrub $8.99), they're not exactly budget but not overly pricey either. They work really well, the hand wash lathers up nicely and the fresh citrus scent really lingers, you know I love a good citrus scent. The body cleanser smells just like chocolate and the scrub is scrubby enough for a light exfoliation but gentle enough for daily use. I'm impressed. 

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals? Anything I need to try?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites

The end of another month means it's time again to have a little ramble about the beauty bits really floating my boat. It's a rather makeup centric bundle this time around and with one too many naughty purchases this month the outlook for next month is looking good too. Typical rambly favourites intro aside, on to this month's loves.

Don't you just love it when a freebie sample becomes your newest makeup obsession? That's exactly what happened with this little sample of Clinique's popular High Impact Mascara. I've never been one to invest in high end mascara offerings but this one may have just changed that. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it does, it just makes my lashes look good. Lengthed but not spidery, volumised but not clumped... could this be my first pricey mascara purchase?

Talking eyes and another Clinique offering has really impressed me. I've read so many posts about Clinique's famous chubby sticks, eyes, lips, cheeks I've seen them all! I'm so glad I finally gave in and picked up Fuller Fudge for eyes. A shimmery bronze that's quick to apply, blends with ease and sticks around all day. I really like how you can apply just a little for something natural or go a little harder for something a bit more dramatic. It's been thrown in to my daily makeup bag and definitely makes the five minute face cut.

I have been embracing some serious bronzer lately and I've fallen in love with this one from NP Set. It looks a little red/orange in this picture but it actually looks so natural on the skin, even with my uber pale complexion. Buffed in to the usual suspects this deserves a post of it's own (stay tuned!).

On to a slightly more purse friendly offering from Bourjois. Their Happy Light Concealer has recently made it's way in to my daily makeup rotation. I simply take some on my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and stipple in to areas that need that extra coverage. It's not the heaviest duty concealer out there but it definitely helps to blur imperfections whilst still looking natural.

My final favourite for this month is Argania's Cashmere Hair Leave In Conditioner. I am well overdue a hair cut so have been trying to really ramp up the hair care to hide my damaged ends. A few spritz's of this post hair wash really helps detangle and nourish. Plus it smells like holiday which is never a bad thing, am I right?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The NET-A-PORTER Experience

You know those websites you find yourself constantly perusing but always manage to stop yourself just before you check out with that not so purse friendly order? Well, I had a slight moment of weakness on the NET-A-PORTER website and ended up following through with a 'bye-bye savings' type order. Free shipping was just too tempting and having heard so much about the whole experience, can you blame me for giving in? The products that made their way in to my cart were both by Charlotte Tilbury, first her Dolce Vita eyeshadow quad and the Colour Chameleon shadow pencil in Golden Quartz. Two extremely lux purchases that I'm sure I'll talk more about in the near future but for today, let's focus on that amazing NET-A-PORTER experience.

This gorgeous black ribboned box made it's way to me in just 3 days and I was not disappointed. Lovely packaging, speedy service and there's even a little tape measure thrown in- so cute! While some of the NET-A-PORTER offerings may come with an eye watering price tag, there's no denying that they sure know how to impress. If you're feeling naughty and in a 'treat-yourself' kinda mood, definitely give NET-A-PORTER a perusal.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Body Shop Skincare: First Impressions

I've never really tried any Body Shop skincare aside from the odd body butter, but with their recent price drop here in Australia I was enticed in to store. (Side note on the price drop: this seems to be a bit of of a 'thing' now with Mecca also recently joining it. It's a good start for us Aussie beauties!). Things started off with just the Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil and Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion but thanks to a very lovely sales lady two samples made their way in to my bag and a week later I was back in store to purchase the full size. Now these have only been on trial for a little while so this is by no means a proper review, just my first impressions of my Body Shop foray.

Starting with makeup remover and I've fallen in love with The Body Shop's offering. I was initially scared that the oily formula might not be the best for my acne-prone skin but I've been using it every night for the past 2 weeks and no problems yet. One pump massaged over my entire face (eyes included) breaks down makeup and makes removal easy. The price is pretty fab too ($21.95 for 200ml) compared to other makeup removers in my stash (Clinique's Take Off the Day Balm comes in at $ for g). The pump applicator keeps things hygienic and the lock mechanism actually works making it easy to cart between home and my boyfriend's.

My other round one purchase was the Blemish Fade Night Lotion from the Tea Tree range. I've heard so many good things about this range and know that tea tree is a great natural antibacterial so couldn't wait to give this a go on my troubled skin. Things like this usually take a bit of time to show tru effect but so far I've already noticed the size of my blemishes decreasing. Those pesky red marks left behind still won't seem to budge but the actual pimple has definitely reduced. I've been applying this every night as more of a spot treatment to affected areas before applying my normal moisturiser.

The other two pieces that I first tried as samples but quickly purchased the full size were the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Squeaky Clean Scrub. Both are really lovely. The cleanser is not at all drying and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and has a slight cooling effect. The scrub wasn't something I thought I would like, I tend to stick to chemical exfoliants rather than physical but this has changed my mind. I've been using every 3 days for a gentle exfoliation. It is quite scrubby (I try to go a little gentle) and I wouldn't recommend using this on any active breakouts as it may irritate them.

Have you tried any Body Shop skincare? I'll be sure to report back once I've given these bits a more thorough trial.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Transparent Powders

Any other oily skinned gals out their will know the importance of a little powder. A light dusting in the morning and again through out the day, not necessarily to add coverage but to set things in place and keep that whole 'natural glow' thing you've got going on under control. I've tried my fair share of powders given that my skin is of oily origins and have found a few favourites. My selection criteria was something along the lines of mattifying but not completey matte, long lasting and not cakey. That's not too much to ask for now, is it?

First up the post foundation/concealer application set-in-place-er (technical term there) and for that I reach for Rimmel's Match Perfection Silky Loose Setting Powder. Applied with a large fluffy brush (think something along the lines of this one from Ecotools) this seems to blur over imperfections and uneven areas of skin to give a surprisingly natural finish. It helps my concealer stick around until at least midday which is when my next option comes in...

Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder is no stranger around these parts, I've sung it's praise here, here and here, but couldn't do a powder post without mentioning it. Now I'm not usually one for midday touch ups, I can just never really be bothered to reapply my base but this makes a good alternative. Pressed on to any areas looking a little shiny, this helps soak up any oily patches (nice!) and the slight yellow tone counteracts any redness peaking through. My top tip to keep things a little more hygienic is to use blotting paper or even just clean tissue to pat away any oiliness before applying. And remember to wash your brush regularly!

My final pick is a little more on the pricey/luxurious side, Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. If my skin's having a dull day this is great for perking things up a little. I never notice the difference when first applied but it's a pleasant surprise if you catch a glimpse of your reflection through out the day.  If gives an almost soft focus finish to the skin and is a good option to set things in place without mattifying.

What's your favourite setting powder? As if I need to add any more to my collection!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Little Gift From Clinique

If there ever comes a day that a good gift with purchase doesn't tempt me in to a little splurge, I don't know who I am. It doesn't even annoy me that they have me forking out $50/60/70 even $100- there's just something too tempting about receiving a little makeup pouch full of sample sized treats (half of which I'll never use but that's beyond the point, isn't it?). I tend to eye things up from the usual suspects (Clinique, Clarins and Estée Lauder) and then anxiously await the inevitable GWP email to drop in to my inbox. If you're going to spend the money may as well wait to get a little something free along side it too, right?

This week's gift offering came courtesy of Clinique and meant I could finally get my hands on one two of their chubby sticks. Their Chubby Sticks for Eyes had been on my radar for quite some time, spying them on ultimate enabling duo Lily and Anna, but what shade? In a toss up between Ample Amber and Fuller Fudge I opted for the latter, a deeper, more browny hue. Next on the chubby list was the Cheek variety. A relatively new launch (well here in Aus. at least) and the shade Robust Rhubarb just seemed to do it for me. A peachy pink cream formula, if it was a coffee it'd be my 'usual'.

On to the actual GWP which I picked up in Myer. I think the promotion has ended now but hang in their, I'm sure they'll be another one just around the corner. Encased in a cute little makeup bag (looks much better than it feels unfortunately, not the best quality) you receive a mini Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, Moisture Surge CC Cream, Blushing Blush in Aglow, Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and High Impact Mascara in Black. For me the most exciting of the bunch are the CC Cream and High Impact Mascara, both of which I've heard a fair few rave reviews on. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blogging Inspiration

It's easy to find yourself in a bit of a blogging rut. Whether you're lacking motivation or really want to write something but have no idea what, it can be enormously frustrating. I find surrounding myself with blog inspiration (or blog-spiration as I like to call it) is the best way to pull yourself out of a tough patch.

Immerse yourself in what you love. 
Being a beauty blogger my makeup stash is a little larger than the average person would require. Whenever I'm having a blog brainstorming session I like to have a really good dig in to my drawers and have a good play around with everything. It's never failed to help me come up with at least one post idea. Plus, what beauty bloggers doesn't love a little makeup playtime?

Create a Pinterest-esque inspiration board. 
Pinterest users will know that it can be a particularly inspirational platform. Never had I ever felt the urge to redesign my entire house, cook a weeks worth of meals and run a half marathon all at once before stumbling across Pinterest. Whether you're part of the online community or not, there's no reason that you can't get involved with the whole mood board thang. A cork board jam packed with gorg. pictures is a good place to start. Heck, even copying and pasting pictures to a word document would do the job (for your own private use of course, never steal someone else's photos).

A social media perusal.
A little scroll through your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/*insert any other social media platform here* could be all you need to pull you out of your rut. The internet is honestly choc-a-bloc with inspiration- the odd cute-baby-animal picture helps too.

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